Lopa Fuglar

These are my ‘Lopa fuglar’, which is Icelandic for ‘Wooly Birds’. The distinctive Icelandic design, which is very commonly found on jumpers amongst the Icelandic people, can transform almost anything.  I found that birds were the perfect candidates to adopt this traditional design. We hear about birds mimicking ring tones and constantly adapting to our urban lifestyle, so I thought maybe a new camouflage might one day evolve from this idea, living in Iceland and wearing a lopapeysa myself it seemed an obvious transition.

I currently sell pen and ink drawings in three different sizes: tiny (6x8cm), medium (15x22cm) and large (32x42cm) sizes can vary depending on the frame. I also sell cards with envelopes. If you are interested in ordering a drawing it normally takes  2-3 days to complete,  I have done many requests for different birds in this unique style. Prices range from £15 to £130 and up depending on size. Please visit my Facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/lopafuglar/



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